Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Project


Welcome to our Alphabet Soup Project Blog. We hope you enjoy learning along with us as we cook our way around the world.

About the Project

For New Years 2015, we decided to do a father-daughter project. Our inspiration came from a cookbook that we saw titled International Night by Mark and Talia Kurlansky. The cookbook came from a project of their own in which, "Mark spins a globe and wherever his daughter's finger lands becomes the theme of that Friday night's dinner."

We liked the idea of learning more about the world through food, so we decided to try our own approach to this project. Since we spend every other week together, we realized that we would be able to take on this project once every 2 weeks (or 26 times in 2015). As a result, we decided to go alphabetically. In each week we would select a country that begins with the letter of the alphabet that occurs in order, beginning with A.

After we select our country, we will research the national cuisine of that country, imagine a menu with at least 2 courses, shop for the ingredients, and cook the meal for our family. As an added bonus we will add other cultural elements that we discover along the way (music, traditions, dress, etc.).

We will share our learning, our recipes, and photos on this blog. 

About the Authors

Tim Wilhelmus works with teachers to find meaningful ways to harness technology for the sake of learning. He enjoys cooking, traveling, singing in his band (The Boat Monkeys), anything nerdy or geeky, spending time with family, and visiting Disney World. His hopes for this project are to grow as a cook, to learn more about the world, and to have fun with his family.

Anwyn Wilhelmus is a freshman at Signature School. She enjoys reading, playing cello, photography, eating good food, doodling, learning anything new about math, going to Disney World, and school. She hopes to become a better cook, learn about different cultures, work on a project with her dad, and learn to blog.